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You just found a prime lot in the perfect neighborhood.  You've always imagined building your dream house, but now that reality has set in, where do you start? 

There are many things to consider when building.  Many people are considering 'going green' with efforts to reduce energy consumption and preserve the environment.  What style of home do you like?  Will you incorporate some the hottest trends, such as outdoor kitchens?  A reputable contractor can help you with many of those decisions, but personal preference and budget are the two big keys to building a home.

Check out the following articles to help you in the building process:

Energy Efficiency Checklist - Simple step by step suggestions for improving your energy efficiency in every room of the house.

Green Home Guide - great tips for anyone (even kids!) to help reduce energy consumption for your home, both inside and out.

10 Ways to Help Your Watershed - Whether you live on a small lot or a large parcel of acreage, your property is part of a larger watershed.  Check out this article to minimize your impact on your local watershed.

Building Industry Grows Greener- article detailing how the Jefferson City community, businesses, and organizations converged to build one of the first Habitat for Humanity homes in the country that adhered to 'green' standards.